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Milano, Nice to meet you

A Platform for Dinner Surfing and City Sharing in Milano

A Project for Shared Mapping and Storytelling about Milano


Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

During the months of Expo, the Milanese registering on the platform are HOSTS of home dinners around the city. Tourists who register their profiles are GUESTS, to be invited over for dinner by a Milanese family. Sharing a dinner is a great way to meet new people and new cultures, while Guests will get a real taste of Milano!

Duomo Milano

Milano: That’s Us!

Residents who register on the platform can be the city’s narrators for a day. The project encourages city-telling, by having Hosts propose visits to sections of the city, and share their itineraries and stories on a digital map. For Guests, it will be a chance to know a side of Milano that cannot be found on any tourist guide, and explore the maze of places and experiences that give urban life its distinctive character.


The Map

Each dinner being shared and each neighborhood tour being narrated will be viewable on a geo-localized digital map on the website.
The resulting output will be a collective portrayal of Milano through city-telling, providing a fresh image of the city to its inhabitants and visitors. The map will be given to the city as a public resource and will continue to be developed after Expo 2015.

How Does It Work?

Step 1

Enter the Platform and Register


Please tell us who you are and propose a dinner and/or visit


Find out who the GUESTS are and send an invitation to whom you would like to meet and invite over for dinner

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