I’ve registered on the platform; I’m a HOST: now what happens?

If you live in the Milano Metro Area, and have completed your profile by offering a home dinner and/or city visit, you become a HOST. You’re then visible on the Map and you can invite to dinner one or more tourists (GUESTS), or take them to visit your neighborhood and the city places you like the most. You can do both or either (dinner invitation, neighborhood visit), but it will be you HOST deciding which GUEST to invite. In order to invite him or her, check FIND YOUR GUESTS on the platform’s DASHBOARD.

I’ve registered on the platform; I’m a GUEST: now what happens?

If you don’t live in Milano and have completed your profile by marking the days in the calendar you’re likely to be in the city, you become a GUEST, and you’re hence visible to each HOST on his/her DASHBOARD. As a GUEST, you can browse the MAP of HOSTS and see what dinners and visits they’re proposing around the city, so that you can send a POKE to the HOSTS you’d like to be invited by.


Piacere Milano is 100% FREE, both for HOSTS and GUESTS. It’s always a HOST that invites a GUEST: that’s why it’s important that GUESTS put a photo on their profiles and say something about themselves, the languages they speak as well as their dietary preferences, so that HOSTS can more easily determine which GUESTS they would like to invite.

Why can’t I be a HOST/ Why can’t I be a GUEST?

In order to be HOST, you must live within the Milano Metro Area. All those who register and live abroad, or are Italian but live outside the Milano Province, automatically become GUESTS.

I’m a HOST, how do I get to pick GUESTS?

The Calendar, which becomes visible once you click on FIND YOUR GUESTS, shows for each month the Guests who have marked their availability and want to be invited to a home dinner. By clicking on the name of the Guest, you can check when he/she is in Milano and ready to be invited. In order to make your invitation, you have to open the Guest’s complete profile. The date shown is the first useful date (alternatively, you can click on another date chosen by the Guest), but you can always change it later.

I’m a HOST, do I have to schedule dinners right away?

The date of the dinner invitation can only be chosen by a Host, while a Guest marks the range of days in which he/she is ready to come to dinner into a Milanese home. The date of the invitation can always be changed later on the basis of the Host’s and Guest’s mutual needs, but using the chat window that a Host uses to make his/her invitation to a Guest.

I’m a GUEST, how do I get invited?

You’re not visible to Hosts, unless you mark the dates on the calendar when you would like to be invited to dinner or shown around. You cannot invite yourself, only a Host can, but you can catch his/her attention by sending a POKE to let him/her know that you would like to be invited by him/her.

Why I’m not showing on the MAP?

The map only lists Milanese HOSTS, provided they have completed their profiles with interests, languages, a brief description of themselves, and, last but foremost, have listed a DINNER or VISIT they are offering. If you live in the Milano Metro Area (Province) but cannot find yourself on the map, check whether you have completed your profile.

The “CONTINUE” button doesn’t become active and I can’t complete registration. Why?

In order to continue, you must have filled in all the required fields (those that are red starred), selected at least one interest, and compiled the “Tell us something about yourself” box. Incomplete or incorrect fields will appear in red. Lastly, it’s necessary to accept the “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”.

I’m a HOST and have sent an invitation to a GUEST: now what happens?

Once an invitation is made, Host and Guest are in touch with each other: an email message is sent to both of them, and a dedicated chat channel is open so that you can get a better idea of each other, and make arrangements for a home dinner or city visit. By using the chat window, rather than their personal email addresses, both parties have their privacy protected. Only after they feel at ease with each other, they are likely to exchange their cell phone numbers and other personal details to finalize the dinner invitation or neighborhood visit.

I’m a HOST: can I ask money from a GUEST?

No, by registering on PIACERE MILANO you accept to be part of a non-profit project fostering city-sharing which does not contemplate monetary rewards. However, keep in mind that GUESTS are not after a fancy dinner, they just want to get a taste of Milanese cuisine in a sociable home environment.

I’m a GUEST: shall I pay something to the HOST inviting me to dinner?

Absolutely not: those who are HOSTS on PIACERE MILANO are doing it for the sake of meeting new people and cultures, not for monetary gain. Those inviting you over for dinner won’t necessarily be great chefs and those showing you around won’t be professional tour operators, but are looking forward to meeting you and share a pleasant experience with you. If you show up with a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers, like you would do if a friend invited you for dinner, your Host will be all the more glad to have you over.

We’re a group, an association, a social street: can we register on the platform?

No, registration is open only to individuals. However, you can share the initiatives and activities of your group by writing to info@piaceremilano.it  — the most interesting ones will be broadcasted on the airwaves of Radio Popolare, in the two daily programs “Maramao” and “Adelante”, which regularly speak about the events and news of Piacere Milano.

How do I signal my level of satisfaction?

Once your dinner or visit has been made, you will receive an email message asking you to rate the experience, and for any comments and suggestions you wish to make. If satisfaction is high, chances are you’d like to repeat the experience!

If I run into problems, whom should I contact?

Write to info@piaceremilano.it for any problem you might have. We will verify alerts of misbehavior and will cancel from the platform all those who act against the spirit of the project (see Netiquette).

Can I acces Piacere Milano from a smartphone?

Yes. We also plan to release Piacere Milano’s official app, so that the platform can be reached by any remote device.