About us

Milano, Nice to Meet You“ is a project conceived by the Clinc communication agency and promoted by La Cordata and Spazio Aperto Servizi – two social cooperatives working on social inclusiveness – jointly with Altavia, an international communication agency. It’s a project in collaborative tourism that supports and supplements the received notion of hospitality through non-traditional forms. The project is projected to become a permanent social asset available to all of Milan and the Milanese.


Logo La Cordata



La Cordata – Cooperativa Sociale. For twenty years, it has organized initiatives on hospitability and integration for a very wide range of people: tourists, students, workers, foreigners, minors, single mothers, disabled persons. Its objective is to build and sustain personal relationships, and activate support networks for all those experiencing difficulties in social integration. It provides its services to the general public, without any sort of distinction.
To this date, the services offered by La Cordata cover the following macro areas: socio-educational services; city hospitability; social housing; innovation and the local.

Website: lacordata.it


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Spazio Aperto Servizi – Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS. In existence since 1993, Spazio Aperto Servizi, is one of Milan’s largest social cooperatives. Throughout its history, it has exhibited significant innovation skills, enabling its growth, in terms of membership, areas of intervention, and the quality of the services it provides. The cooperative is strategically engaged in social innovation and development in the following areas: housing, households, social cohesion, disability, lean healthcare.

Website: spazioapertoservizi.org


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Altavia is an independently owned international communication group. Established in 1983, Altavista is a specialist in brand marketing and retail branding. It also offers its clients a crop of publishing platforms and services.

Altavia creates, coordinates, and produces online and offline communication projects that add value to commerce.

Website: altavia-group.com


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Clinc is a communication agency established in 2014. It mainly works on campaigns dealing with social responsibility, the shared economy, and environmental and social sustainability. Clinc considers these issues as those most likely to address current social needs and attract the people’s attention, involvement, and approval.

Website: clinc.it